The Pyramid Model

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THE Pyramid Model. Learn it, practice it, come to know its wisdom. The yellow foundation of the pyramid is an effective workforce of highly trained teachers. In blue, we then look for responsive relationships and a high-quality and supportive learning environment. In green, we add targeted emotional supports for some children. The red represents the few children that exhibit consistently challenging behaviors and require intensive intervention. This image was an eye-opening one to both of us this past school year as we guided and supported a large number of children with previous or ongoing trauma. We read articles, attended workshops, watched webinars, and made changes in the classroom environment based on our new understanding of trauma-informed care. Our @ocdeptofed offered free SEFEL training for early childhood educators and our understanding of children’s brain development and the effects of trauma on young children increased exponentially. We intentionally chose books about anger, worry, sadness, disappointment, fear, love, connection, and calming down for story time. We welcomed the incredible non-profit “The Orange County Early Childhood Mental Health and Wellness Organization,” who coached us and helped develop behavior plans for those friends with consistently challenging behaviors. There had been a mindset shift, and we no longer tried to “stop the behavior,” but rather “teach the desired skill.” Without the foundational relationship, without knowing each child’s story, we knew we could not expect the children to consistently be “ready to learn.” 🧠😔💞 #tinyfriendsBIGFeelings #earlychildhoodeducation #childdevelopment #preschoolteacher #thepyramidmodel #csefel #socialemotionalfoundations #preschoolmentalhealthandwellbeing #socialemotionaldevelopment #themoreyouknrow🌈

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