Yoga with Tiny Friends

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Bringing yoga and mindful breathing to the preschool classroom may seem challenging, but the benefits far outweigh the possible worst-case-scenarios that may be running through in your head. Can preschoolers sit silently and “mediate” for five solid minutes? Not typically… though I have seen a few tiny friends really take to sitting and closing their eyes while breathing deeply. Do we always get through the whole book or do more than 5-8 poses? No way! However, by using books, cards, or calm-down materials, tiny friends CAN and WILL slow down and deepen their breathing for a 5- to 20-minute group time based on age. Not only does this practice lead to a calmer learning environment, it also re-centers teachers who should be taking deep grounding breaths regularly throughout the school day. With our large group of 4- and 5-year-olds, we would start with a breathing song with gestures, move into playful yoga, then finish with savasana (“skeleton pose”) or a mindful breathing practice (as simple as holding a calm-down item while a sand timer counts down for the group). Look forward to even more specific strategies, resources, and tools focused on introducing yoga and mindfulness to our youngest learners. 💖🌬🌱 P.S.⏳ More on the many uses of sand timers coming soon! #tinyfriendsBIGFeelings #earlychildhoodeducation #childdevelopment #preschoolmentalhealthandwellbeing #socialemotionaldevelopment #yogawithchildren #earlychildhoodyoga #mindfulnessforchildren #preschoolmindfulness #deepbreathingwithchildren #preschoolmeditation #themoreyouknow

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