From Viktor E. Frankl

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We are continually reminding ourselves of The Power in The Pause. When applying this practice with your tiny friends, it may simply look like stopping and observing. Then, instead of offering corrections or suggestions, we offer a thoughtful question that sends the message, “I see you! I’m curious about how you think! Tell me more about your wonderful ideas!” ✨ For example, if we see a child learning to balance a tower, we may feel inclined to offer a solution in hopes of scaffolding a young child’s learning process. “Here! Let’s put this block here. Now it’s sturdy!” All this teaches the child is that YOU are good at fixing things and YOU can come up with good solutions. ✨ However, how impactful would it be to instead offer, “Hmmm, it’s hard to balance a tall tower like that. I wonder how we could support the base to make it sturdier?” This tells a child that they are capable problem-solvers and you value their ideas. ✨ Let us take that pause… embrace that space… and continue to grow with our children. Let us consider the messages we send to our tiny friends in these wondrously formative years. 💖🧠🌱 #tinyfriendsBIGFeelings #viktorefrankl #earlychildhoodeducation #childdevelopment #formativeyears #scaffoldinglearning #openendedquestions #buildingresilience #developingsenseofself #candomindset #preschoolmentalhealthandwellbeing #socialemotionaldevelopment #themoreyouknow

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