Mister Rogers Talks With Parents

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“He is best known for what he meant to children. That was, after all, what Fred Rogers’s life and career were all about — every song he sang, every puppet he voiced, every considered word he spoke on his beloved television program, ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.’ Mister Rogers was for kids. But he was for parents, too. For the adults who sat beside their little ones and watched the soft-spoken man in his handmade cardigan sweater model what communication with children should look like. For the grown-ups who turned to his words time and again for advice about how to help their children through difficult times in their lives, or in the society around them. Which might explain why Rogers has been having a moment recently — or, maybe, why his moment never really ended.” -Caitlin Gibson ❤️✨🚃 This excerpt is from a Washington Post article titled, “How Mister Rogers Became a Timeless Oracle of Parenting Wisdom.” https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/on-parenting/how-mister-rogers-became-a-timeless-oracle-of-parenting-wisdom For more articles about how to support tiny friends, check out their parenting section online: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/on-parenting/# . . . @washingtonpost . . . #tinyfriendsBIGFeelings #earlychildhoodeducation #childdevelopment #preschoolmentalhealthandwellbeing #socialemotionaldevelopment #themoreyouknow #misterrogers #mrrogers #mrrogersbooks #parentingbook #resourcegem #thewisdomofmisterrogers #gentleparenting #washingtonpost #bigtopicsfortinyfriends #fredrogers

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