Sand Timer Magic

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Let’s talk sand timers! Shifting from one experience to the next can be challenging for children (and their guides), so we want to provide you with techniques and tools for smoother transitions throughout the day. ⏳ Best practice reminds us to prepare children for transitions by letting them know how many minutes are left before moving on. However, simply telling tiny friends “10 more minutes until we tidy up…” “Five more minutes…” “Two minutes, friends…” does not take into account where they are developmentally when it comes to time. A sand timer is a gentler and more effective tool which provides children with a visual to scaffold their developing understanding of concepts of time. They provide the child with a sense of autonomy while also providing structure and clear expectations. ⏳ For example, when it’s getting close to a clean-up transition, sand timers can be used to visually show how much time they have left to play. We’ve used larger sand timers at lunch time when we’re halfway through, or to help tiny friends take turns with highly preferred but limited materials. Sand or bubble timers are also a wonderful addition to your calm-down area or to use at group time for mindful breathing when we circulate a variety of calming materials. ⏳ We have found timers to be effective in the classroom, and families have shared their success with them at home as well. These are our favorite timers, which can be found on @amazon, in a variety of sets to fit your needs. Also, check your local @target dollar spot for $3.00 sets of smaller sand timers out this summer! 💖🧠🌱 #tinyfriendsBIGFeelings #earlychildhoodeducation #childdevelopment #smoothingtransitions #movingon #sandtimers #preschoolteacher #braindevelopment #conceptsoftime #preschoolmentalhealthandwellbeing #socialemotionaldevelopment #themoreyouknow

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